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WATCH LE VIDEOS!!! (I don't really speak French)

Hello all. If all is right, you are currently reading the description of Radical Chameleon Productions. Well, cool. Originally, this was capnawesome's (Anthony Canavaciol) profile, but he changed it for the good of the team. Now, you can view all of the arrogantly hilarious videos that we here at the most radical of chameleons productions create. We create this videos for the fun of it, so if you love it, tell us, and if you hate it, tell everybody but us, this way we can at least enjoy it in our own little world (we don't know that our videos suck yet, just let us have our fun). If you've read this far, you should get a hobby or a job, but thanks, and we hope you enjoy our videos and trust me, more are on the way.