pwretty_bear pwretty_bear


i am always a pwretty bear

hi my name is milan kelly also knoe as pwretty_bear i love to have fun i go to school and learn and study till it bugs me i have good grades i love to have fun and party with my friends my friends are my life and when we get in a fight we always are friends the next day i know my friends got my back because they are my life i have 2 sis and 1 bro my sis number 1 is izze she is annoying and loves going shopping but i know that she till loves me sis number2 she always talks on the phone but she is kinda a laptop swicther but she still loves me know brother i hate him alot but i still love him he gets on my last nerves i hate it he picks his nose and wipes it on everybody ewwww i have a pretty weird family but we still love each other