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Punkie Johnson

the mic is in danger...

Punkie Johnson is derived from the nick name pumpkin given to me by my mother Mary Johnson. Born and raised in New Orleans Louisiana and with no warning what so ever moved to Los Angeles California to fulfill a life-long dream of becoming an actress and comedian. Trained at The Actors Corps Boot camp School in Hollywood and has always valued and admired the stage and camera. I love to write and entertain. My favorite color is SPOTLIGHT. I would like to thank my mother and father for their undying love support and encouragement, my family for their motivation and prayers and most of All God because as life progress I see that I am truly in his favor. Comedy is my way through life. I don’t only get through hardships, I laugh through them as well. Everything in life is funny. We just take life too serious to notice. So live and laugh at everything. Only the laugh will survive. DARE TO BE A BIG STUPID GOOFY ASS B*TCH!