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P-)3 Captain Buttchin! At your service!

~Kent State University 2010 graduate (Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Theatre) ~I have 6 tattoos Jack Skellington with a spider web and 2 pumpkins around him on my left back shoulder, Sally inside a tombstone shape border with a rose on top on my right shoulder, a tribal Virgo sign on my inner left ankle, a tribal Phoenix on my right leg, a dolphin on my inner right ankle, and cherry blossoms with the chinese character "beauty" on my right upper arm. ~I'm a BIG movie freak ~I'm a starving actress (trying to get as much experince as possible) ~I have a passion in Photography love to take pictures of people, nature, and myself. ~ I talk in movie quotes ~One day I hope to swim with dolphins ~Celebrites like Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Tenacious D, etc. are my Gods! ~I love listening to music and dancing to awesome club music ~I love dark, mysterious, abstract art ~I think the slow-mo action in movies is so freakin cool. ~I love the fact that the real deal is being shown in movies and it shows that people are finally getting the corks out of their asses, LOL! I can be shy at first, but I am fun to get along with and I'm such a nerd to party with.