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My name is Gwen and I'm the author of Pull My Funnybone. I enjoy taking antibiotics, worshiping false gods, making pens made out of cheese and knitting merkins for my cats. I write from my summer home in Guantanamo Bay. After a brief tumultuous relationship with Kim Jong Un, I now live with my domesticated partner Kona the dog (and two cats.) I am a two time winner of Harvard University's quasi-prestigious Least-Creepy Flasher award. When I'm not writing about my hilarious and madcap misadventures, I spend time robustly passing gas and chugging sour milk to regulate my bad moods (e.g., quell rage.) I lead a life that on any given day is a heady pastiche of lounge pants, hookworms, unicorns, Clamato, and paper mache sculptures of goats.