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We are on a Mission to make you Smile Baby!

Welcome To Psychedelic Pictures The Mission of Psychedelic pictures is to create new kinds of cinema called 'Psychedelic Comedy'. Our goal is to use Comedy, Romance, and Rock and Roll to make Feature Films that make people Smile worldwide. In other words a film that uses music and comedy to build the momentum to emotional peaks like in an opera or a rock song. The Films themselves are like songs each act peaking with the music. Our theory is that if you remember to entertain people first, then they might trust you enough to listen to a little wisdom. A film is like a conversation. If you are condescending and rude then the audience will turn you off. They have no obligation to watch or care no matter how important your message. You must find common ground Man! "Psychedelic Pictures Presents" is In Your Head. When people see “Psychedelic Pictures Presents” They will know it is time to Laugh, Trip Out, and be Rocked. Feel Free To Mingle and Talk Amongst Yourselves! Good Luck!