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Welcome to the Posh Dinosaur Productions FunnyOrDie channel. Posh Dinosaur Productions is a UK Independent Film company creating high quality content including Short and Feature film, TV and Online Media. We create a working environment that is relaxed, collaborative and exciting. Because we understand that creative artists are at their best when they feel comfortable and free to explore. Here at Posh Dinosaur Productions we support originality and reward passion and dedication.


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The series follows Ben (Michael James Dean) a young man looking for love on a dating website after a series of disappointing relationships. Things take an unexpected turn when help flutters into his life in the form of Cupid (Darren Ruston) who offers to help Ben find that special someone. No longer innocent and cherubic, this Cupid is hostile and disheartened, but he recognises something in Ben that he hesitantly welcomes and they embark on a weird and whimsical journey. Nominated for Best Web Series Digitalmation Awards May 2015. Official Selections: Miami Web Fest 2015, #TOFF Film Festival 2015, Los Angeles Cinefest 2015, Digitialmation Awards (May 2015), Miami Indie Fest (July 2015). Starring: Michael James Dean, Darren Ruston, Shelley Davenport, Lauren Wigmore