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A very politically incorrect comedy, starring Kevin G. Schmidt, Zack Bennett, Nicholas Braun, Samantha Droke, Floriana Lima, Sean Michael Beyer and Palmer Scott. Written by Geoff Hoff & Steve Mancini Directed by Sean Michael Beyer Produced by Eye Scream Films Name Poor Paul What do you call a guy whose roommate Clyde kicks him out of their room when he brings a chick home? What about a guy whose super smart roommate Justin beats him down for not standing up for himself? Or a guy whose mother died experimenting with mushrooms in culinary school? And what do you call a guy who lives vicariously through his own blog? You call him Poor Paul. Follow Paul as he tries to deal with Justin's "I'm better-than-everyone" attitude. Justin can be a real dick. Join Paul as he attempts to put up with Clyde's obsessive, compulsive side. Clyde can be hella confusing. Escape with Paul as he slides into hilarious fantasies where he is always the hero -- the only man in the universe who can save the day. And laugh with his roommates as they yank him back to reality. Poor Paul. Poor Paul is a new media episodic comedy series. Each episode will be approximately three to five minutes long and will be "aired" on YouTube, MySpace and Vimeo.com (in fast-loading High Definition) approximately once a week, premiering in the Fall of 2008. Starring Kevin G. Schmidt, Zack Bennett, Nicholas Braun, Samantha Droke, Floriana Lima and Palmer Scott. Poor Paul is directed by Sean Michael Beyer, written by Geoff Hoff & Steve Mancini, co-produced by Kevin Schlanser and executive produced by Eye Scream Films.

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