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     The producer and director is Dr. Paul DiCarpio.  Dr DiCarpio graduated with a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of California at Irvine (UCI).   In the early years, Dr. DiCarpio became an Associate Professor at the University of Long Beach in the Information Science Department.  In addition to his professorship , Dr. DiCarpio studied at the UCI's  Drama  Department with focus on directing and acting.  During this period, he produced twelve 30 minutes "comedy talk shows" at the local Orange County, California cable station.  After departing the academic environment, Dr. DiCarpio joined the Project/Program management consultant world of the Information Technology Industry (IT) of the mid 1990's.  For the past 20 years, Dr. DiCarpio has been running IT based Global Project for multinational corporations.  During a two year period, while working in the Shanghai, Singapore, and Hong Kong,  he joined a group of filmmaker Expats.  He directed several 5 minute shorts.        For the past three years, Dr. DiCarpio has been developing a filming methodology to produce low cost films with Hollywood-like quality.  His approach is based on the Hollywood studios filming structures of the 40's and 50's coupled with modern IT managerial organizations utilizing the Project Management Institute (PMI) and IT product life cycle's best practices.  These two factors have produced an independent innovative methodology of procedural-based filming techniques.   This procedural method has lent itself to an assembly line format without affecting the film's artist dramatic dynamics.  The first development film was completed in 2007, "The Shanghai Heist", filmed in Shanghai, China.  The 2nd development film was completed in 2008, "Three Brothers", filmed in the San Francisco and Los Angeles areas.   This third proof-of-concept film has been completed on Feb 1, 2010, "The Rosary and the Gun", filmed mainly in the Hollywood area with International overtones of Thailand and Vietnam.  Currently, Dr. DiCarpio is focused in the faith-based action genre.