PocketPeople PocketPeople


I'm not crazy, I just get it.

It is my strong belief that PocketPeople can basically do,and teach Anything! Sell insurance like Snoopy did, or a hip kids series on TV. An online game for kids or just a plain ole puzzle. Why not? They could start a worldwide campaign for your company- or cheer up a local homeless person-The Pockebilities are endless! The PocketPeople are So Radical and I hope to someday bring the magic of their energy and philosophy to children everywhere. I love to randomly give away PocketPeople all around town. I believe, ahem, Judd Apatow, that I gave your beautiful girls PocketPeople-- I was in awe of your genius wife, Leslie and I was so nervous! But your kids loved the PocketPeople so I think that's pretty nice. I say we do a PocketPeople movie--how edgy! Also, I would love to do a "Between 2 Ferns" PocketPeople interview. I think that would be pretty good. Help me get these hilarious PocketPeople to everyone! I swear just holding one makes you feel delight and love for all of mankind. That's my PocketPeoplePromise. OUT Rita Ross