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The idea for Play Group Media hit Shane August on the toilet one morning back in 2006. Since that fateful bowel movement, Play Group Media has blossomed into a beautiful young multi-media empire that creates filmed entertainment as well as custom-made porcelain toilets for the whole family. Born in Hawai'i around the time of invention of the Pocket Fisherman, Shane August was raised by a pod of wild dolphins. At the age of five, he was found floating naked on a makeshift island of styrofoam debris by his future parents. Thus was born the legend of Shane August, NAKED-DOLPHIN-BOY-FROM-STYROFOAM-ISLAND. Since then, Shane has gone on to launch and/or nurture the careers of such up-and-coming filmmakers as Steven Spielberg, Judd Apatow, James Cameron and Representative Anthony Weiner. In actuality, Shane has been a successful voice-over actor, writer, director, music producer and singer. He plays over fifteen instruments, is cursed with an IQ of 175 and has founded animal rescues and children's charities. His favorite thing in the whole wide world is bringing smiles and laughter to others, especially small African children. Shane lives in Santa Monica with his pet Rhinoceros, Elizabeth. When not working, Shane continues to perfect the strawberagus, his own patented hybrid of the asparagus and strawberry. To quote Shane from the most recent issue of Genetic Farmer Weekly, "It tastes like old socks and your pee still smells after you eat it, but I think I'm almost there."