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We Came, We Saw Nothing & It Wasn't Us! " F*#king Stunt Doubles are like Ninja's

Pee In A Cup Productions Pee In A Cup Productions

IM Tampa, Born and Raised. All around Center of Attention Spot Light Whore! I love entertaining my friends and family of friends. I'm a real people person that will make you laugh at the drop of a hat. I HATE POLITICAL CORRECTNESS and being told something is impossible to be done. I love pushing the limits and find it amusing attempts to tame me. So cute but not going to happen. I'm a Free Spirit that loves the 3 L's "LIFE, LOVE & LAUGHTER" I despise Liars and thieves and just bad people at heart. "Treat Me Good, I'll Treat You Better! Treat Me Bad? & I'll Treat You Worse. Live by those ethics and we will get along Famously. I Look Forward To Talking To New People Who Are the Shit That Makes Life Worth Living! Your My Kinda People and I Love Ya'll For That! PS. HERES MY BIO Dj-ONyX a.k.a (Mike McVittie) Started in the rave scene in 1995 working security for Legendary Tampa Late Night Clubs such as “The Parthenon” and Ever so Famous Underground Club “The O-Zone” He instantly fell in love with the music, the people & the vibe! In 1997 Mike McVittie founded the company “Velocity Productions” and began running and promoting his own “Exclusive Notorious Underground Events with the help of Best Friend’s Dj-Matrix (Jeff Hill) , Dj K-Funk (Kevin Stanton) & Auditory Groove a.k.a. (Jason Gatto) .In late 1999, Mike began to Dj for many Late Night Raves but is is more widely known in the Underground Circuit for being dedicated to the scene. His goal has always been not about the money but to bring back the “Old School Vibe!” & the Love! In 2008 Dj –OnyX (Mike McVittie) Helped Co-found U.F.O. Record’s & The ConTract*KiLLeR$. In Late 2008 ONyX met Dj-Madscratch of Nasty Scratch Record’s through partner Auditory Groove a.k.a. (Jason Gatto) & and an Unstoppable Alliance was formed. With all of us as friends “More Like a Family” The sky was the limit! In 2010 ONyX Graduated from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting for Film ,T.V & Radio. As of 2011, he is currently in the process to pursue a Stand Up Comedy career as well as writer for T.V. shows. He also is a huge fan of the show “Entourage” and has great desire to be Dj-Madscratch & Dj-Structure’s West Coast Connect in the attempt to be there agent to help further their music careers only pushing Nasty Scratch Records further to the top and sharing their “Amazing Talent” as Producers and their “Raw Dj Style” with the rest of the country, starting with states such as Los Angeles, California & Las Vegas, Nevada. QUOTE BY ONyX “This lifestyle was never about the money! It was about your music reaching millions and the love and the memories you can never put a price on!” Genre Old School Breaks, Miami Booty Bass, E-Hop and Nasty Electro Breaks