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is reading Watchmen.

Books, I Love Lucy, my dog Roxie, coffee, Chuck Palahniuk, reading, staying up all night, MAC, Lucille Ball, tea, rainy days, sleeping in, staying in my pj's all day, Desi Arnaz, my dog Madee, sleeping over my boyfriend's, Tim Burton, gloomy days, reading all day, Dr. Seuss, Helena Bonham Carter, Sundays, waking up to my 2 favorite people, pumpkin anything, Rocko's Modern Life, Christmas morning, Anything 90's, watching movies all day, collecting books, Spiderman, massages, pink, The Joker, spas, Batman, pedicures, shopping till I drop, coffee shops, England, bookmarks, summer, driving, Barnes and Noble, Alice in Wonderland, March 12, colors, tigers, snapdragons, talking to myself, cigars, Nick Swardson, the smell of sunscreen, Cherry Blow Pops, lip gloss, perfume