Phil Hwang

Phil Hwang Phil Hwang

Going Going Gone (comedy. drama) - writer - March 2011 20K Dollar Winner of the Amazon Studios Best Script Contest - (When a college freshman gets dumped because she refuses to go all the way, she outs her virginity up for auction find what it's really worth.) Male Order Bride (comedy) - writer - Slamdance Feature Screenplay 2009 contest Grand Prize Winner (A desperate young man poses as a mail order bride to get the United States.) Siren (thriller) - writer - The lead singer of a band convinces her band mates to kill their former manager when he stands between them and a deal with a major label. Geek Mythology (comedy) - writer/ director/ producer - completed feature - 2008 - available on Netflix. Minnesota Murder Mystery - writer - A store detective graduates from chasing shoplifters to catching murderers when co-worker dies under mysterious circumstances. - Optioned by Craig Nicholls of Pendle View Productions and Arthur Axelman former head of the William Morrris Television Division. More Bad Times - writer - A terminally ill man sells his life insurance policy to a mobster so he can live his final days in luxury but goes on the run when he is miraculously cured. Outside Looking In (comedy) - writer - An aspiring cinematographer turns to adult movies as he woos a legitimate actress - optioned to Parallax Productions. A Long Hair Christmas - writer - screenplay represented by Jewerl Ross of APA and Silent R Management - 2002