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Paul Merrill

is hunting for his pants

Paul Merrill was born sometime in the early 1970’s with a desperate, psychopathic need to entertain people. When he was five, Paul memorized the “Elvis Aloha from Hawaii” album and sang it in its entirety to his family. He was roundly booed and shunned from the dinner table for two months. In high school, things got worse. Paul and his childhood chum Rafael Calonzo wrote and performed comedy shows for their school. After each performance, they were severely beaten by girls from the special education class. Fearing for his life, Paul decided to concentrate on his writing for a while. He spent most of this time eating massive amounts of pork products and playing “NBA Live ‘94” on his Sega Genesis, but somehow found time to write several screenplays and scripts for videogames, including the award-winning “Backyard Skateboarding”. With a newfound confidence, Paul returned to the stage, performing in the 2003 Seattle Fringe Festival. The Festival immediately went bankrupt. Paul spent the next year weeping, but soon stumbled upon the sordid world of stand-up comedy, which embraced him like a prostate exam. SInce 2005, Paul has performed with the likes of Emo Philips, Tig Notaro, Steve Agee, Martha Kelly, Brent Weinbach and Humpty Hump from Digital Underground. Paul’s work has appeared in SLAM magazine and He’s also written scripts for dozens of best-selling video games, including “Power Rangers Mystic Force”, “That’s So Raven” and the official strategy guide for “Nintendogs”. Seriously.