Paul Henderson Paul Henderson

Paul Henderson

First of all, if it ain't fun at least 51% of the time, I ain't interested. I believe that anything that makes me laugh is good. Even if it's an old lady falling down a flight of concrete stairs... Which come to think of it, is pretty goddamn funny. I'm a writer, actor, comic, and musician. I'm into the truth and creating things that don't suck. I'm loyal to a fault, and don't mind helping or getting my hands dirty for family and friends. I may bitch about it later but what the fuck - I just got my hands dirty for you! I despise liars, posers, and pretenders. As well as the legion of self-obsessed and deluded turds who pollute the Internet and the world in general. But most of all, the cripplingly unfunny who dominate not only the Internet, but also movies and television... Unless, of course, they are falling down a flight of concrete stairs, in which case, I simply adore them.