Pat_Oates Pat_Oates


comedian, father, huge douche

Pat Oates's mouth has always gotten him places. When he was a kid, it got him sent to his room. When he was in high school (3 of them in 5 years), it got him sent to detention. When he was married, it got him sent to divorce court. Now its getting him sent to some of the top clubs and casinos in the country. Pat's ability to say whatever is on his mind (or inability to have a moral filter) has made him an instant fan favorite since he first took a microphone in 2007. His crowd work skills are regarded by many of his peers as second to none. Combine that with his animated story telling and you have an act that people come see again and again..and again. Every audience member feels like Pat is talking to them, and that's because he is. Pat treats shows like he is at a party telling a group of people a funny story because that what he's been doing his whole life. Pat is really making a name for himself. Who know where his mouth will take him next?