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Recounts of love and life, and every social dating blunder in between, as narrated through the dating diary of a self-confessed party girl in her pursuit for love. Based on the dating diary by Jen Dawson. THE SHOW YEAR 2.5 AD (After Divorce). PLACE A One Night Stand. GIRL Jen, 30, wakes up to an epiphany that everything happens for a reason, including the loneliness of mind blowing sex with a total stranger named Vic. This night of clarity sends Jen on a journey for love like she's never pursued before, as she is willing to date every single guy (and some married ones) until she finds her permanent Plus One. THE SKINNY Recording these dates in her dating diary, Jen shares stories of dating faux pas including fetishes, compulsions, insecurities, addictions, culture, religion and hygiene with her friends Chip, a gambling addict, Cali, a workout fanatic and Lia, a social services expert and cynic of love. Through a quirky sensibility and narration, Jen and her diary guides these friends (and the audience) through cycles of friendship, life and love. Guy code, three day rules and expectations between the sexes are chronicled, ensuring no one is exempt from dating disasters including Jen herself. The 'who we are' of who we date, what we do to seek affection and what we need out of relationships are dissected, argued, justified and exposed in this comedy that is sure to make you sit up and take note of your own relationships.

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