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Pacifist Productions consists of three independent film makers, Drew Perez, Kareem Berjaoui and Nathaniel Tomlinson. Brought together by a shared interest in refreshing the British film industry with contemporary films: conceived from a diverse range of influences including anime, classic films, comics and video games. Dedicated to bringing genuine entertainment through film, our projects will be marked out by imagination, escapism and unaffected creativity. All our content is created by us alone and produced with no budget or support. We pride ourselves on going from nothing to finished product using purely our creativity and resourcefulness. Also, thanks to our collaborative process we are able to produce a wide array of materials calling on the individual experiences and expertise of each member, meaning no two projects will be the same. Being grass-roots in the extreme, we nonetheless set high standards for ourselves, taking each project as a learning experience, we refuse to compromise on quality and utilise whatever tools we can get in order to attain a more and more professional look.