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David Ira Shecter

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The To Do List: 1. Have some sort of vision appear in my dream, telling me what to do with my life. 2. Become a Pirate. 3. Learn To Tap Dance. 4. Sing and tap dance in the rain. 5. Become an honorary Goonie. 6. Own a cape. 7. Direct one of my children’s high school plays. 8. Punk someone I don’t know with a whole camera crew. 9. Break out of prison. 10. Earn enough money and buy an entire block so I can play life size monopoly. 11. Bring back the Bar Mitzvah T shirt trend. 12. Own a piece of the Agro Crag from NIckelodeon's Guts. 13. Aquire and play the game Oregon Trail. 14. Meet that 5th dentist who doesn't recommend Trident gum, and ask him his deal.