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Off Register

The Flo Channel... creators of "How cyan is my valley?" and "Stet!, The Musical" proudly brings you the most anticipated video series of the millennium. Introducing Off unvarnished, uncoated look at the world of print production. Based on the real life stories of printers, Off Register is one, non-stop, hilarious look at the PMS and B.S. printers have to deal with every day. Clients who bring their Labradors to press checks. Designers who want to hear what an accordion fold sounds like. It's all here. And it's all true. What's more, you can submit your own outrageous printing story to the folks at Sappi Productions by emailing us at And don't forget to register as a subscriber so you'll know when the latest episode is out. In the meanwhile, sit back and see what happens when the ink hits the fan on...Off Register.