Caroline Caroline


“The human race has only one really effective weapon and that is laughter.” - Mark Twain. 1)I think Powerthirst energy drink commercials are hilarious. (Youtube it.) 2)Eventually one day, I want to be on SNL. 3)I think dancing like no one's watching should be done at least twice a day, or in my case between 4 and 5am. 4)The best stoner food comes from Sheatz (gas station) at 3 in the morning. aaannnnddddd 5)In the words of Juno... Jason Segel is totally BOSS. Just a few basic facts. I'm pretty sure this will implode with uselessness in about 30 seconds. Ready. Set. Go! Ok not really, but explosions excite people. Eat your Wheaties and practice bending things with your mind. -) Life is b.e.a.utiful.