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ThePirateBay.com RULES!!!

Just an obscure internet entity that's uploading and spreading stuff that I've downloaded off torrent pages so you don't have to. "200 Motels" by Frank Zappa will be my first entry and maybe only one on this account. Son of a bitch, now FunnyOrDie says I can't go over 45 minutes, so I guess I'll try to cut the motherfucker up in pieces and post it that way. Fuck-it! This is a strange dilly that reminds one of the Moody Blues album "Days Of Future Past" on acid and a Bosch painting coming to a hellish live medium all at the same time. I upload it because I was somewhat amazed by it, and only found out about it by accident when I Googled Frank Zappa because him being mentioned in an on-line list of under-appreciated geniuses. This is a 1971 film that features Frank and his group Mothers Of Invention. Ringo Starr and Keith Moon are in it too. Say hello to Cowboy Bert for me when you spot him. Running time 1 hour 39 minutes. Enjoy --Sonney