nyghtpet nyghtpet


I'm pretty eclectic I guess, I can basically chill with anybody, as long as you aren't shady, creepy, or dumb as a box of hair. I'm an actress with a flare for the romantic, the strange, the dark and the quirky. I try to polish my karma and align my tai chi with antidepressants and enough tequila and wine to kill a small elephant. Haha, just kidding. It's more like a medium-sized elephant. In actuality I try not to let myself go to crazy and make myself agreeable to all, including myself. Sometimes I don't succeed. But if I was perfect, then robots would be ruling the planet. And the last thing we need are some Cybermen up in this joint. I aspire to one day be on Broadway with a Tony in my hand, a SciFi action star with a penchant for brilliant dialogue, a Steampunk goddess with her very own mechanical mansion, ride a unicorn, make out with James Marsters, escape the labyrinth, fly, charm people with a look, all while having fabulous hair when I wake up in the morning.