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Give me 30 minutes in a recording studio and I'll make you rich

I have a Steinberger guitar, a beat up old bass from a 1980's Sears catalogue, a web cam, and Ms Paint. My goal here, despite the obvious limitations inherent to this set up, is to demonstrate the all encompassing nature of my creative abilities. One thing that makes me a safe bet for anyone who's looking for some fresh creative talent is a little something I call Lucasian vision, which I define as the ability to take something that exists only in ones imagination and portray it in a manner such that anyone can experience it accordingly. If you break it down to shear basics, this defines the original Star Wars movie precisely in that prior to its production and subsequent release, it existed only in the mind of George Lucas. Of course, it could be argued that Spielbergian vision is an equally appropriate term, however most people can't spell Spielberg... Anyway, all I need is 30 minutes in a professional recording studio to prove definitively that I am the undiscovered creative talent of a lifetime. Need more proof in the mean time? My momma didn't raise no dummy so I'm not going to put the good stuff out for free. However, you can read my book "The Bohemian Manifesto" (which represents one molecule of hydrogen in the first drop of water on the tip of the iceberg that is my creative intellect) at