Shabby the Philosopher pimp Shabby the Philosopher pimp

Shabby the Philosopher pimp

Shabby the Philosopher Pimp

Shabby was born into a rich Spanish household (because that's the doorstep his Mamma left him on), and although his Daddy was a poor black man who pimped Ho's until his untimely demise on Shabby's 9th birthday, Shabby was always respectful of his black roots and the pimp legacy left by his Daddy. Raised primarily in Spain, Shabby rebelled against the riches and spoils of the Spanish Riviera and began to pimp Spanish Ho's at the ripe old age of 11. But it's hard out there for a pimp, especially an 11 year old pimp and it wasn't long before Shabby's step Momma forced him out of his rich surroundings. Determined to stay true to his Daddy's roots, Shabby ventured to America to become the finest Pimp the continent had ever known. Shabby had done his Daddy proud. He had built an empire of ho's that made the Roman Empire look...well, really small. Now at this point Shabby could have lived out the rest of his days just pimpin' ho's, bangin' Ho's and makin' money, but instead he decided to give back to mankind. Using his amazing talents as a songwriter and poet Shabby created "ElectroSensual". The vehicle with which Shabby would transmit his healing sensual message to the masses. A message of Sex, Love and hope to every man and woman. To bring them together in sensual harmony. In Shabby's own words "This is a Unification Emancipation using Fornication to remove the frustration of a Sexually devastated nation". Through the music of ELECTROSENSUAL a nation will be healed.