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NooIdentity has made so many people laugh with his comedy channel, and has entertained the fellow "YouTubers" with his unique music from his independent Record Label, V2DHeart. It's no wonder why his YouTube page is blowing up! He is also Co-Founder of V2DHeart of Nyc and through out the states. along with his partner "V" from the United Kingdom V runs that area has it on locked down. V2DHeart is an independent record label who recruits struggling and talented young artists from ALL over the world and brings them together to create a unique twist on music. The genre of artists is what makes V2DHeart unique and one of a kind. V2DHeart is branching out worldwide and the more we are recognized, the more music we can produce together. It is important to express yourself especially through music. Reason being is that most likely many people can relate to the music through similar experiences in their life. YouTube is a great way to get yourself out there. It is so important for the big artists out there to give "US" the next generation, a chance to get out there and prove ourselves! It gives people a chance to live their dreams.