Nicole Nicole


Hi. My name is Nicole. I'm pretty much awesome, but self-esteem sometimes gets in the way of realizing it. I can't eat pizza without pop (but it has to be dark pop). I know all kinds of things about famous people that nobody really cares about. I wish I could play the piano or guitar, but my fingers are too dainty. I love to travel, but sadly haven't got to do it much (one day I will). My favorite flowers are orchids and lilies. Whenever I get married someday, I want to implement the color that David's Bridal calls "coral". I am obsessive about having my character's names match their personality and race in RPGs. I like the color blue. I have twin sisters, and it drives me nuts when people ask me, "are they hot?" I come off as shy, but really am quite dorky once you get to know me. I used to want to be a Vet Tech, but now I want to be a teacher (I think). I love to try new things and enjoy trying foods from other ethnicities. I think Chris Evans is a fox. I love nearly all kinds of music. I know Victoria's secret. I enjoy watching obscure films that nobody's ever heard of-- and that's just a T.V. guide review, folks!