Nataschangela Nataschangela


Given Prayers for the week for me and others ;) Been an Aunt for the first time to my Wonderful little Nephew Landon (It’s a Beautiful thing) sharing my Comedy with the World on coming up With Idea & Being Smile to People Faces, Hobbies include Making Necklace’s. Travels its one of my Favorite thing, to see the world and Beyond, I wants to see it all and Go back to Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood of Course, Others Include, Rock Climbing indoors. & outdoors as well. Taking long walk (Anywhere) and Enjoy the View, Given back rubs and such ) ( for Friends and such whoever need it ),, I love going out and about, working out at the Gym Twice a week and Playing Video games and enjoy the Company of others, Doing what I Love which Acting and been silly in front of the Camera, its not much but it Me and this is how a Rol