Crew Chef Champ 04 Crew Chef Champ 04

Crew Chef Champ 04

Offical Chef Of Sheltra Motorsports. Racing returns To The Rock.

Im a chef. Im good at what I do. I am the only chef to have a championship in Nascar.The 2004 NASCAR Crew Chef Challenge Champion. I won this honor at Pocono International Speedway7/30/04. I enjoy creating entrees and desserts for team owners,drivers and crew chiefs. I was born in Tenn,raised in N.C. went to culinary school in Hyde Park,N.Y. And I love being a good ol boy. i love to laugh and have a good time.I enjoy watching comedy shows. Im also a single parent. My daughter is 17 years old,and a senior in high school.She wants to be a Physical Therapist. So I will be working for a long.long time.