MysteR.B & Jake Stadium MysteR.B & Jake Stadium

MysteR.B & Jake Stadium

Two half-amazing human beings doing extraordinary things

Twins separated at birth, MysteR.B & Jake Stadium were reunited in 2012 after they discovered they were unknowingly cheating on one another’s twin girlfriend with one another’s twin girlfriend. They then appeared on an episode of Dr. Phil to mend their relationships with the twin sisters, where they were scolded and beaten by Dr. Phil’s mustache, and surprised to learn they were both part of a scientific experiment in the 80s. The experiment was an attempt to produce the world’s first perfect human being. The experiment went awry, and the world’s first perfect human being was split in two, thus producing two half-amazing human beings. The scientists were concerned there might have been some brain damage suffered by each of them, but after countless hours of tests, observation, coloring books and smelly markers, the two were deemed idiot savants. MysteR.B and Jake Stadium were graced with the genetic gifts of musical aptitude, lyrical prowess, and comical competence, yet burdened by only being half-amazing human beings. When these two half-amazing human beings collaborate, a prodigy is formed and musical hilarity ensues.