georgia georgia


hello, I am the mom to 5 crazy kids and grandma to 2 little sweet kids, and a mom to my english bulldog Lucille, I some times think the dog loves me more than any one in my house, Oh well.. I am a professional Photographer and makeup artist, and I was a rn for 15 yrs and quit so that i could see my children grow up, and well i always have loved makeup and photography, but i have done alot of things such as raising 100 champion cocker spaniels, (loved the chocolates) and i have sold on ebay and was a power sellar, and then my house burned down last year and my life has not been the same since, the ptsd is horrible, i wish i could get my life back to the way it was ,,, i hate being broke all the time and i am doing and trying every thing i can to make cash, I am sad, this year i can even buy the kids stuff or make the house payment, I love making videos and laughing , it helps take my mind off the fact that i feel like i am goin to die as i cant take being in this situation for very much longer hope you enjoy my videos. georgia BTW here would be my link to you tube as i have over 99 vids up http//