myohmy myohmy


it's A FRAUD!

I am equally serious and silly, I think--I was voted the class clown when I was in grade school-but then turned more serious as time went on--but I still love comedy and joking around-and made two short films in the past two years-one a dark comedy of sorts/dramedy-and one more recently that is more of the campy/slapstick variety. I love all kinds of comedy-and believe a lot of the best actors have roots in comedic acting. Although I have a day job, I would one day love to work in a more creative setting for a main source of living. Poetry is my passion-I recently completed a book of poetry-have a group called The Lyre Effect, which features my spoken word poetry over ambient/electronic and rock beats provided by my UK bud, Stuart Armitage.,,, Short stories, screenplays, songs, a little prose-I don't discriminate-I love to write-but I guess most of it is poetry I've also acted in several independent movies, and even played a grim reaper for a Russian museum installation--A bony glow-in-the-dark version of myself is somewhere conducting Tchaikovsky in Russia right now. I have a twin sister who is a fine macabre artist-we actually have spent most of our lives coming up with inside jokes and we both are fans of all kinds of comedy-and a lovely boyfriend named Jason-both are lights in my life- So yes I like being serious-introspective, and also love comedy-of any variety. I just love dumb fun-pretty much, but can be introverted too--takes a little bit to get to know me I guess. Well thanks for reading about me-take care!