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Muzzle The Pig was concieved in February 2011 in Croydon, England. I should note this was not an act of sexual rutting between two pigs to eventually spawn a pig called ‘Muzzle’ but rather an idea for a comedy company. We are a comedy group who tread on black comedy territory all the while trying to delve into innovative situations/ideas in telling our sketches/works. To date we have largely focused on theatrical performances, with our first full length, A Criminal Audition, having a solid run in London to good acclaim. The play played out in real time and saw a company audition 'low-lives' for the chance to purposefully frame themselves for crimes. The time they serve inside will then be reimbursed through fat pay checks when they come out. It mainly asked the question, how many years would you give up for some serious wealth...oh and it also had heavy chloroform use, a weird French girl and a discussion about autistic phone sex. Our new show, A Halfway House, which is a sketch/play amalgamation will begin it's run on the 26th June in London. Until then we will have the first few filmed sketches cropping up online.