MuckSticky MuckSticky


Muck Sticky is a munificent facilitator of motivation and inspiration. An affable, modern day Aristophanes, possessing gravitas and charisma. He's urbane, assiduous, magnanimous, esoteric, adept at being articulate, discerning, proficient, motivated, established, imaginative, productive, versatile, energetic, astute, crafty, adaptable, insightful, vigorous, clever, determined, eccentric, efficient, relaxed yet enthusiastic, exuberant, inventive, spontaneous, tenacious, freaky and available, cuddly, light-hearted, accelerated, attentive, bold and beautiful, compassionate, creative, dependable, diligent, gentle, humble yet confident, persuasive, resourceful, thrifty, friendly, and most of all, he's the niftiest kritter north of the equator!