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Double Decker Buses...

I'm secret double agent to Mr. Sneakies. He's staying at a secret location. I am to seek out all fans of comedy and make them chuckle with my feather tickler. You like that don't you. I am a speed racer and a ballet dancer. I skeet shoot, I fence, I like disco sticks and shinny disco balls, I fetch if you have a big bone and I always win golf on WII. You want to play? Thanks for watching a little Industry spoof of Mr. Spielbergs Indiana Jones Adventure. I shot it on a zero budget with only a DP & sound guy. I am Cinderella and would love to make comedies the rest of my life and entertain you. I am from Lake Charles, Louisiana and love Gumbo. Former Miss Grand Prix of Palm Beach & Miss Florida USA state pageant contestant. xoxo Marylin Hebert actress/kid book writer/sitcom star**** Margaret Merlin's Journal Book I The Battle of The Black Witch "Here Come's The Bride!" romantic comedy