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The constant aroma of fresh clay, slow scarecrows, and street correspondents from England are just a few of the things Mr.Oz is faced with during the course of events on "The Mr.Oz Show". Assuming fame and fortune would be the immediate gratification for being on television was Mr.Oz's greatest misunderstanding. As Mr.Oz struggles to distinguish the reality of his show from his own "ideals" the viewer is sucked into a world of imagination, dreams, flashbacks, and truths never before witnessed to the average eye. The Mr.Oz Show is like taking a Television road trip and venturing on as many wrong turns as possible, just to see what's next. A cast of over 50 original characters brings forth the most crescent fresh of flavors to the viewer's palette. A complimentary "Breath of Fresh Clay" is offered with every episode showcasing some of the most unusual and bizarre Claymation epics ever produced. After digesting the show, the viewer will find them self comfortably satisfied with humor and delighted with an unexpected craving for more of "The Mr.Oz show".