Mr_Splendid Mr_Splendid


Oh hello. How lovely to see you.

Richard Glover and Dan Turner, would like to introduce you to a 6 part sketch show that we have devised. It's called Splendid, and we think it's jolly nice. We hope you do too. The idea is to be silly. Very silly. Not clever, nor political, nor any of those grown up things. But really quite silly indeed. If there has to be any inspiration or what clever people call 'tone', then Spike Milligan and Monty Python would be our guiding lights. It's the idea of having six, or so, writers, who can throw together silly ideas and democratically pick the best ones, purely based on a general consensus. Very sixties, but,how fun too! The sketches these writers have created are brought to life by six comedy performers, each bringing their own unique personality. Forget demographics, skewing audiences, political correctness, and comic analysis. It's just silly for the sake of being silly. So, why Splendid? Well. Richard and Dan love being British. Make no apology for it. Whether it's contemporary Britain or 17th century Britain, This is what we want. Uniquely British stuff. And through our naturally repressed Britishness, we bend towards silliness. We will admit, we do lean towards the surreal, the dark and twisted and the downright rude. But throughout it all, like some gigantic comic stick of rock. It' silly. It's... Splendid.