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?New York writer, artist, musician and budding animator, Robert Segarra, has accumulated well over five thousand credits of published material to date. His poetry, short stories, artwork and other material have appeared in many magazines, publications, anthologies and contests. His poetry, short stories and other pieces have appeared in Wicked Mystic Magazine, The Poetic Knight, The Poe Pulpit, The And, Leaves Of Grass, Graffiti Off The Asylum Walls, Sophomore Jinx, Ash, New Moon Rising, Gypsy Magazine, Daily Cow, Funny Pages, Impetus, Scavenger’s Newsletter, Fact Sheet Five, Spectre Magazine, Autumn Leaves, and many, many more. He is the author of Adamantine, Crow Hill & Other Poems, The Battle Hymn Of The Republicans, If Tiger Could Talk, The Christmas Mouse, Scout’s Brilliant Plan, Still Waiting For The Sun, Million Dollar Harry, Ever Dark, Gods & Werewolves, Exterminance Cometh, and A Home For Amanda Romero. On October 26th 2004 The Christmas Mouse was featured on the St. Louis, Missouri, morning show, Enterate, on KMOV-TV channel 11. Most recently, his focus has been on script writing. A number of his pieces have been made into short films. These include A Night At The Inn, Waiting For Eugene, and A Situation Wanted. In April 2004, Waiting For Eugene screened at The Fourth Annual Arlene’s Grocery Film Festival behind two shorts starring Saturday Night Live Alumni John Belushi and Bill Murray. Waiting For Eugene received a very enthusiastic response. In July 2007, Beat The Street - a mob theme crime drama was featured on The Independent Film Channel. In 2008, he wrote the script for the first feature to be produced by ARM, Inc, entitled, Last Chance To Dance With You. Thus far, as of December 2010, Robert Segarra has written, directed, animated and/or produced, alone and in collaboration with others, more than 80 animated and live-action shorts. He has participated in several art exhibitions in New York over the years.