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MOTHERHOODLUM is a verite-style, single camera series that takes an irreverent and unapologetic look at the perilous world of new parenthood. Pre-baby Emily was a swinging single serial J-dater. She loved her Martinis daily and her dinners free. She was too busy going on spontaneous yoga retreats and throwing Botox parties for the girls to even think about settling down. Odd jobs such as 'Dog Walker,' 'Bar Mitzvah Mime' and 'Furniture Stripper' filled in the cash gaps while she baffled Los Angeleno gallery-goers with her Performance Art. The Big 3-5 was on the distant horizon but thoughts of motherhood were nowhere near it. But all that changed when a J-date with nerdy Financial Planner Marty Finkelstein ended not only with a drunken bang and morning-after Walk of Shame but a positive pregnancy test. Now this couple who wouldn't have made it to date number two are making a go at family life.