Morgan Walsh Morgan Walsh

Morgan Walsh

Morgan Walsh was born in Portland, Oregon and three years later she moved to Seattle, Washington, and then three years later she moved back to Portland and then three years later she moved to Seattle again and so it goes until she moved to Los Angeles to get therapy and study at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Before studying at The Second City Los Angeles and UCB, Morgan appeared with Danny Huston in Ivans XTC which played at The Cannes and Sundance International Film Festivals. Shortly thereafter she starred in Amerikana a Dogme13 Film produced by Lars Von Trier and then she played Peter Dinklage's tattooed and angry lover in Surviving Eden . Her television credits include, Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia on FX and various MTV promos with rock band, The Bravery. In 2005 she made her first appearance on the UCB stage in Red Sandwich with Matt Walsh, Paul F. Tompkins and The Lampshades. Morgan has studied under Will McLaughlin, Danielle Schneider and Owen Burke. Since then has performed in Cagematch, F'ed up and Illegal Videos, Killgore, Mr. Christmas, Not Too Shabby and various videos for UCB. Most recently, she wrote and performed a show with her sketch group, The Mountain Man Academy directed by Neil Campbell and Paul Rust. Boo-ya.