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I am a good ol' country girl from Alabama (originally from Georgia). I am twenty one years old and living with my parents still - I know, it's sad. I originally wanted to be a Superhero and travel the globe, saving lives, all that jazz - but then someone shattered all of my dreams when they told me that Superheroes with super powers aren't real. I shall never forgive that person... Anywho, since those dreams are shattered I am currently building up a new dream. I want to start my own Cartoon/T-Shirt business - kinda like Happy Bunny. God willing, I will get the business going soon. It would be nice to be able to do something that I love and to be able to help out with the bills around the house - and to have some extra cash to spoil my family with. Until then, I am still at home, helping my parents out with the house work and taking care of my sisters. I also make videos - I enjoy making people laugh and I seem to be good at doing that with my videos. I currently have no boyfriend, but I am alright with that. God will send me a good christian man when the time is right. For now I am just gonna enjoy my family and friends. =]