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An original play created by Dick Chudnow, David Bogan, Brian Bzdawka, and Joel Gradisnik. The "Monkey Knife Fight" comedy troupe presents, "Come On Down! The Merzakowski Story". The play tells the tale of Lupe Merzakowski and his family, and how a chance to realize his dream of being on "The Price Is Right" finally comes true. But it's no easy task when you're part of the most dysfunctional family in the world. Join the Merzakowski's as they scramble to get Lupe to the show on-time, with obstacles all along the way! Co-creator, Dick Chudnow, is a veteran to the comedy scene. Not only is he the founder and owner of the ComedySportz franchise, screenwriter for the movie “Spy Hard” but he was also a founding member of the Madison comedy troupe,the "Kentucky Fried Theater" along with the Zucker brothers and Jim Abrahms, who went on to create movies such as “Airplane” and “The Naked Gun”. "Monkey Knife Fight" is a Milwaukee based sketch comedy troupe that includes ComedySportz players, Dave Bogan, Brian "Buzz" Bzdawka, Joel Gradisnik, Andrew Muraszewski, Rich Laguna, and Dick Chudnow. "Monkey Knife Fight" shows contain material that is for adults only, and "Come On Down" is no exception! There is use of explicit language and we definitely "push the envelope" in our performances. Co-writers, Bzdawka, Bogan, Gradisnik, and Chudnow have created a show that combines a theatrical play with rapid fire sketch comedy. It uses both live and video mediums throughout it's entirety. If you have a short attention span and like your comedy low brow, this show is for you!