Mission 6 Mission 6

Mission 6

keepin it real, FO SHO!!!

We are Mission 6, exclamation point! Good thing we are and you're not, because you couldn't handle it. Just like an insect we consist of 3 parts, Todd Bosley, Jerry Perez, and the most important Marcus Toji. NO, MARCUS! I'M GONNA WRITE THE PROFILE!!!! Hi folks, like every great man there is two other great men following three steps behind him. Those two men are Marcus Toji and Todd Bosley. The man in front that proudly galavants around with the two fellows behind him is Jerry Perez. Yeah, that's right...Jerry "I'm God's gift to women" Perez! Those other two clowns, Marcus and Todd don't get half the play I get. In fact, I'm gonna bang the girl Todd has had a crush on for years. Just because I can. That's rightttksdlf;kjahelllp heelljp me! Todd Bosley here. Yes I killed Jerry. I don't care. I have no regrets. Just Marcus and I now. BRB Hi it's Todd again. Now its just me. As I was saying, like any good cocktail, it takes three parts; one part liquor, one part mixer and one man to enjoy it all. That's me! And I'm drinking Marcus and Jerry's blood. Cheers folks!