Midnightview Midnightview

I am Jamaican, but not just because my parents are Jamaican i was born there, Dont believe me??… can a fake Jamaican type like this ..(LORDAMARCY)… SHABBA!!! see…, told u i was Jamaican ok things I’m obsessed with… going to the beach at night digging my toes into the sand while counting UFOs and signaling them with my lighter after leaning against the wind and Pretending that I am weightless… good times, wasting gas at 3 in the morning, cause music sounds so much better at that time while driving to nowhere after going to taco bell and ordering a double decker with no meat (FYI I listen to songs on repeat think about that before you get in a car with me…last chance… door is closing… ok good, put your seat belt on … i’ve been listening to Janet “All for U all day”, girls wearing wife beaters = Sex , black lights oh when i like something I refer to it as "sex" or "sexlike" so um yeah...McDonalds fries has crack in it =Sex, Candles = sex… there not only for gay people or old people trying to get there groove back while Teddy Pendergrass’s “Come on over to my place” is playing in the background and a wrinkled old nigga is dancing in the door way wearing nothing but church socks on, doing some old ass circle dance tryna talk his wife into just sticking the head in after his ass knows she just got her hair did… I lost my self…well the point is i got two burning right now … I’m also obsessed with wearing a towel in public… , Fan mail , glade plug-in and girls that wear that smelly good bath and body secrets lotion and sprays and I love girls who can dance cause I cant unless im drunk, I’m always getting served... Omarion be popping out of nowhere like “u just got served nigga…~~~Touch” and be like “nah nigga do over” then i punch him in the face ) famous people i punched in the face count today…