Mico & Coco Coco & Mico

Mico & Coco Coco & Mico Mico & Coco Coco & Mico

Focused on Joie De Vivre & All of Creation... frolicking, hugging, traveling, thriving, hula hooping, spelunking, singing, cheering, catalyzing, expanding, whistling, flying, flashing, floating, contributing, roving, high-vibing, light-being, teaching, sparkling, glittering, glowing, bouncing, listening, watching, interrelating, interpenetrating, learning, laughing, weirding, nourishing, prospering, moving, splashing, communing, intuiting, co-creating, twirling, loving, nuzzling, growing, mowing, being, imagining, manifesting, freeing, traveling, sharing, showing, lolling, lollygagging, gushing, balancing, wholing, free-wheeling, catalyzing, waltzing, understanding, knowing, flowing, digesting, merrymaking, thinking, feeling, hootin, hollerin, playing, rhyming, musing, wigging, swimming, jiggling, swinging & spraying. Eat Great ~ Live Great ~ Love Great ~ Co-Create Great ~ Think Great ~ EAT RAW HEE HAW ~ Live Forever Budding Flowers From A SubTropic Region of the Fiji CoastLine !