Micah Delhauer Micah Delhauer

Micah Delhauer

sees you when you're sleeping.

Micah was born in a gully and left to die in the Arizona wilderness. He was found by a pack of wolves, who miraculously chose to raise the child as their own. Years later, the feral boy was found by hunters and taken back to civilization, where he was featured as a sideshow attraction in Bim & Boffer’s Traveling House of Freaks. While on the road, Micah fell in love with Justine, one of the company’s Siamese twins. However, Micah and Justine were unable to keep their affair secret from Justine’s jealous sister, Naomi, and a bitter rivalry broke out that ended in heartbreak and bloodshed. Micah was forced to flee the freak show and move to California, where he now pursues a career in filmmaking. Micah enjoys writing and sandwiches.