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mianmuhammadsaeedilyas mianmuhammadsaeedilyas

I am Mian and I am a son of Adam.I came from Heaven with the Adam.Now on this earth some daughters of Adam are going to throw me in the hell but I am trying to get rid of them.I cleared my M.A(islamic studies including of comparision of all religions)from Punjab university,Lahore,Pakistan.3- months training course in this respect also completed from International University,Islamabad.I think Friendship with God and His prophet is the best and all other friendships are for time-beings and for leisure timings and not just like real friendship.The main international problem of the current situation is"How we can save the humanity from further killings".For this America can play a vital roll otherwise an unlimited process of killings the mankind will begin from both sides.Firstly this killings was in Kashmir and Phalestin for not solving the disputes on the UNO Agenda for the last so many years.Then it involved Chichnia and afterwards its find its own track due to depressed class in America,Britain,etc because Jews and Hindus do not intend to solve the disputes of Phalestin and Kashmir so naturally created terrorism due to depression(patiently mind and not wisely) is spreading under the cruelty of Jews and Hindus and all along with these America is playing its roll since 2002 for wiping out this terrorism but you can see that terrorism is spreading and not finishing because Jews and Hindus are the main terrorists countries and they not only support the extremists for attacking on pakistan but also they trained the extremists for attacking on American and NATO troops because they know that if America is successful in Afghanistan and Iraq then he will pay attention towards the disputes of Phalestin and Kashmir for their solution as per UNO Agenda so Jews and Hindus are always trying to weeken America,NATO and Pakistan and Muslim countries. You know due to these reasons America could not be able to be successful in these regions of Iraq and Afghanistan since 2002 with all his best efforts inspite of spending billions of dollars.I think 9/11 is also acted upon with the help of Jews and Hindus in compromise of Al-Quaeeda.No Judicial enquiry has been conducted into this international matter uptill now which is necessary for finding out the real culprits.Only relying on the sayings/statement of Bush Admn is not wise.Daily extra judicial killings is being done by America in Iraq,Afghanistan.Which judicial court has permitted America and NATO to do so? Daily innocent children,women and passers-by,neighbours are being killed and their bodies are cutting into pieces in droun attacks all along with one or two suspected.There are other ways for America to arrest the suspected/convicted while this is not a proper way of killings.America can also shift oil from Iraq in a proper way of via proper finance while this is easy for America and it is not wise to kill his troops and others on the cost of oil shifting while there was no logic to attack Iraq as admitted by Britain and no chemical weapons were found there after killing so many persons.The newsweak reported that about four(4) millions Army of America is facing a mysterious disease and the brains of this Army has been blocked and cracked due to bomb blasts nearby and this Army ratio is unconscious like and while standing their bowls moved and their wives have to clean and wash them and their wives are feeling problems about them.Moreover there is a trend of mind in this Army to suicide themselves and America has not enough money for their treatment and this upset minded Army will pass the remaining life in such unconscious condition.I think due to cruelty of America in Iraq and Afghanistan he has to face with such Army and the clutch of God is strong.Be afraid of this clutch. The Cruelties of Hindus in Kashmir and Jews in Phalestin are with Amensty International for all.We daily discuss the matter with our colleagues whether Pakistan can face the extremists lonely without the help of America and NATO.All our colleages answered that it is impossible but all along this they said that there should be no interference of Taliban from Afghanistan into the affairs of Pakistan because the taliban of Afghanistan are being trained by India for attacking into Pakistan.Before action in North Waziristan the training camps of India into Afghanistan may be abolished/ended and security measures in all the cities of Pakistan may be tightened to avoid any attacks of tribesmen of North waziristan because India is taking the advantage in this war against extremists and he is establishing/flourshing/training the extremists against Pakistan and in this way terrorism is increasing day by day and not ending.No doubt sectarian elements are also working in this war against terrorism.Wahabi(origin in Saudi Arabia) & Daubandi(origin in India) schools of thought Vs Shia(origin in Iran)&Bralvi(origin in Pak) schools of thought are in clash with each others.Wahabi and Daubandi schools of thought have the support of Talban and Al-Quaida while all the tribal Areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan relates to Wahabi & Daubandi schools of thought and Pakistan cannot face them lonely.These tribesmen are dangereous and Britain and Russia cannot be successful against these tribesmen and tribal Area.How America,Pakistan and NATO can be successful here.If America Left this region then they will create problems for Pakistan.They are so powerful that they have removed the Minister of religious affairs(Bralvi school of thought) of Pakistan now a days so matter is most sensative. My Message is through my well wisher.