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there is anime then there is messed up anime!!!

Well to start off I and many of my team have loved Manga and Japanimation for some time. My first anime was Tranzor Z but to true fans we knew him as Mazinger Z. I then became more immersed in the culture through the fantastic shows and movies such as Lock the Superman, Guyver, Vampire Hunter D, and of course Robotech and Voltron. I soon fell in love with the skill and amazing genre that is Anime. Disney no longer cut it for me. Then like most people I soon learned of the different types of anime and became fans of voice actors such as Takeshi Kusao, Kaneto Shiozawa, and Tessh? Genda. Then after years of working Anime Weekend Atlanta I had the pleasure of meeting the American voice actors that so many of you have grown to love. Wonderful people like Monica Rial , Travis Willingham, Vic Mignogna, and Greg Ayres just to name a few. Reason for the creation of Messed Up Anime I noticed that aside from the shows picked up by major networks, not many people know about Anime or the wonderful people involved in it. So I then said - Let's change that. Above all else, let's have fun doing so in the process. Messed Up Anime will be bringing you news from the conventions that celebrate animation. We will conduct interviews, and showcase art and cosplay, while supplying some of our own through some very beautiful models across the United States. We also have more surprises on the way so stay tuned. So with great pride and pleasure let’s start this party. I present to you Messed Up Anime.