Me, Myself & Moi Me, Myself & Moi

Me, Myself & Moi

If David Lynch and "Days of Our Lives" had a baby and dropped it on its head...

Soap opera parody spoof ME MYSELF & MOI starring Elizabeth Lauren Hoffman. FOLLOW ME! FACEBOOK ME! A David Lynch esque DAYS OF OUR LIVES spinoff. Melodramatic, absurdist humor. Soap opera spoof Me Myself And Moi. ME, MYSELF & MOI is an absurd and unapologetic one-woman soap opera comedy about the passionate lives of Me, Myself and Moi, three separate parts of a whole bound together by fate in a world full of torrid love triangles, dark secrets, and melodramatic narcissism. This David Lynch esque daytime drama irreverently explores self-deception, self-love, self-discovery and answers the question: "What's that?" Starring / Produced / Written / Directed by Elizabeth Lauren Hoffman (subscribe!) Come Find Me: FACEBOOK ME! TWEET ME! MY IMDb! INSTAGRAM! PINTEREST! META: soap opera funny, elizabeth lauren hoffman, soap opera, parody, parodies, spoof, soap opera spoof, soap opera parody, me myself & moi, funny soap opera, mustache, absurdist humor, elizabeth hoffman, soap opra, soap apera, soap opera tag, funny, me myself and mio, mustaches, moustache, mustache drag, fake mustache, yogurt, funny or die, soap opera catfight, comedy, funny video, funny actress, daytime soaps, daytime soap, days of our lives, melodramatic, webisode, melodrama, absurd, absurdism, david lynch, daytime soap operas, days of our lives